Fundraising Challenge to support Publication Costs of the Bi Women Quarterly Newsletter


Please help support Bi Women a Totally FREE a quarterly newsletter produced in Boston for women everywhere. Bi Women has been around since 1983, and is the oldest continuously published bi women’s newsletter in the world.

We are a seriously not-for-profit organization. We are run entirely by volunteers. Nobody gets paid. And it costs a lot to produce one issue of Bi Women.

Please help us get Bi Women out there to you, and also to college LGBT offices and women’s centers, to youth groups, to LGBT community centers, and to everyone else who needs us! All of our support comes from individuals like you. So please, if you have access to any money, we hope you will share some of it with us.

Says editor Robyn Ochs, “I will personally matchdollar for dollarany donation made before midnight on Sunday, September 15th, to the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network. Your donation will support the publication and printing costs of the Bi Women quarterly, which is sent free to thousands of women and to a few hundred LGBT Centers, Women’s Centers and youth groups. With your help, we will be able to continue this important work.”

Make your donations payable to BBWN, and sent to us at PO Box 301727, Jamaica Plain MA 02130, or click to make a one-time donation online via paypal

To date, we have raised $1178 out of our $2000 fundraising goal for 2013.

Please support bi women and bi visibility by making a donation today. Please help us get to our goal! PLEASE GIVE TODAY.

Fundraising Challenge to support Publication Costs of the Bi Women Quarterly Newsletter

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