I am feeling moved and inspired by the past week. So much of the effort that we put into activism feels a whole lot like pushing against an enormous boulder: we push and push and don’t get much feedback that our efforts are making a difference. But this past week, the boulder moved. And it moved not a little, but a lot, perhaps even cresting a hill. I expect to see many positive changes in the near future. Let’s put our shoulders to the boulder to bring marriage equality to the other 37 states that don’t yet have it and to continue to create and support programs and legislation that protect transgender people, youth, seniors, people living with HIV and AIDS and more. And let’s vote out of office those who are trying to take away our civil liberties, our right to choose, our access to health care, our social safety net and more. Here’s my ask of you: get involved. Pick the issue that most moves you and do SOMETHING. Shoulders to the boulders, everyone!

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