DEFINITION OF BISEXUALITY: I call myself bisexual because I acknowledge that I have in myself the potential to be attracted – romantically and/or sexually – to people of more than one sex and/or gender, not necessarily at the same time, not necessarily in the same way, and not necessarily to the same degree. ~ from Selected Quotes by Robyn Ochs

I found my definition of bisexuality posted on Tumblr and reposted. And reposted. And reposted. Very cool!

my working definition of bisexuality (subject ALWAYS to change, so I welcome Constructive Feedback and Suggestions).

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  2. Okay I’m late to this conversation lolol and please keep in mind I’m saying it with love and respect for ALL!
    Quite frankly I’m tired of all the labels for labels for labels – bi, pan, multi, ENOUGH!
    I love a person. Their vagina or penis has nothing to do with that experience AT ALL. These labels serve nothing else then to further seperate us RATHER then work on unity within our community – which by the way we’re our own worst enemies!
    We need to stop labeling everyone and START with the very thing we all wanted in the first place – ACCEPTANCE!

    Also, stop mixing up sex and love! Sex, as in the act of sexual contact/making love, is such a small part of the larger picture of loving someone. Having sex does not equal love! If that’s what you think the definition of love is then we’re already in too deep!

    I’m tired of being told by a community that I’ve been a part of my whole life tell me that I’m no longer lesbian enough to belong! Excuse me?

    And by the way, who cares in the first place if the main objective is supposed to be acceptance and support from those outside the LGBTQ community as well as within.

    Going by the current state of things, of those who are trying to exclude due to their over labeling, we are basically saying that, as an example, Jim, who’s transgender, has a complete sex change, is now Jackie, married to a man, is no longer considered part of the LGBTQ community. (And this example I’m using actually happened to my friend and I – although obviously not named “Jim” or “Jackie”) We were going to a Pride march and she was told by many “well you don’t belong here anymore because you went through the change became a woman and married a man.” Not only was that unbelievably hurtful and rude but absolutely ridiculous!
    We’ve got to stop!

    This is who I identify myself with, the LGBTQ COMMUNITY as a whole. This my identity. Others within it who are trying to tell people they don’t belong or that we are still confused I would argue are the confused ones – not us. But here again you can see what I’m getting at “us vs. them” which is beyond stupidity!

    Wake up brothers and sisters. We are one. And when we stand together we are strong and truly can have PRIDE! Stop coming up with new labels, excluding those who want to support and identify with us – the only thing it’s accomplishing is to divide us and cause strife from within – WHICH BY THE WAY IS EXACTLY WHAT THE ANTI – LGBTQ PEOPLE WANT!
    Instead lets stand together with understanding, acceptance, and PRIDE!
    Peace, Love, and Pride!
    Lady Anne ^^ö^^

    • Thank you Lady Anne! I too have grown tired of the ever expanding labels. I remember when the goal was to decrease the labeling of everything sexual and the stereotyping of gender. Now it’s like we have to smack a label on every feeling we have and put everything in a nice little box to make everyone more comfortable. So refreshing to see this perspective given voice.

  3. I think all forms of love are good. Robyn Ochs says the right words. I respect you.

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