BI WOMEN: Traveling While Bi (a call for writing and artwork)

To Amazing and Awesome Bisexual/Pansexual/Fluid Women Everywhere: 

The theme for the Fall 2012 issue of Bi Women will be “Traveling While Bi.” 

What’s it like to travel while bi? Do you seek out bi or LGBT communities in other parts of the country (or world)? If so, what have you found? Do you prefer – or avoid – LGBT-themed travel experiences? If you’re traveling with a same-sex partner or with a group of LGBT friends, are you comfortable being out? What have you learned from your travels? Where would you like to go in the future, and why? Do you have a great travel story? We want to hear from you. Essays, poems, artwork and short stories are welcome. Submission guidelines can be found at Please let me know right right away if you’re planning on writing. And send your submissions by August 1st to

Please help me get the word out by sharing this far and wide.

Warm regards,

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