BI MEN: a call for writing and artwork **UPDATED**


If you identify as a bisexual (or anthrosexual/ambisexual/fluid/no lables/multisexual/omnisexual/pansexual/pomosexual/polysexual or in some other way as non-monosexual) man/male-identified person, we hope you will consider submitting your work.

You are welcome to submit essays, fiction, images, cartoons, poetry, or any combination of these. This publication will be electronic and available online, so there are no fixed word limits. However, suggested length for submissions is 500-1500 words.

You can submit work about anything you want, as long as it is somehow related to bisexual identity, practice, and/or experience. Suggested topics include:

·       Why and how you identify sexually;

·       Where you find support and/or community;

·       How your experience of sexual identity is shaped by your other identities (race/skin color, ethnicity, class, geography, religion, age, gender identity, etc.);

·       Stories about falling in (or out of) love or about relationships;

·       When and how you came out to yourself;

·       When and how you choose to come out to others;

·       Being a bi-identified man in different communities (e.g., heterosexual, SGLBTQI, kink, polyamorous, ethnic, religious, professional, cultural, etc.);

·       Racism, sexism, homonormativity or heteronormativity in bisexual spaces;

·       Marriage and marriage equity;

·       Being a father and managing family life;

·       Brotherhood and building men’s communities;

·       Organizing for social justice;

·       Ecological consciousness and sexuality;

·       Postcolonial queer identity;

·       Envisioning queer futures;

·       Mothers/Fathers and their bi sons;

·       HIV/AIDS, prostrate/testicular cancer, or other health challenges;

·       Healthy living;

·       Media images of bisexual men (general or pornographic)

·       Being bi and out in gay organizations;

·       Bi men as elders and mentors.

We are also hoping to include a few resource lists. If you are interested in working on one of these, please let us know right away. Some ideas: bi men’s fiction, bi men’s nonfiction, bi men’s website; websites (bi or not) of particular interest to bi men.

We intend for the final project include a diverse range of voices and perspectives. Submissions from the Global South and people of color communities within North American and Europe are strongly encouraged. If you feel that you rarely see people like yourself represented, please consider writing for this issue.

Submissions are due by August 1st, but it would be very helpful to get a sense now of your intentions.

The editors for this publication are Robyn Ochs, an educator, speaker, award-winning activist, and editor of the 42-country anthology, Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World and the Bi Women newsletter, and Dr. Herukhuti, sexologist, shaman, cultural worker, founder of Black Funk: The Center for Culture, Sexuality, and Spirituality and co-editor of Sexuality, Religion and the Sacred: Bisexual, Pansexual and Polysexual Perspectives.

Submission guidelines are online at:

Please write to us at

Thank you,
Robyn Ochs and Dr. Herukhuti


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